Beer Tap Handles

You can be like me and just use the cheap plastic beer tap handles on your kegerator. I like the plain clean look but it's not for everyone.

If you're tired of those plastic tap handles, make your kegerator your own by adding custom kegerator tap handles.

That personal touch of changing your beer faucet handle is as easy as it gets. The tap handles just screw on and off of the faucet...It's that easy.

There are many kegerator tap handles to choose from.

You can get a standard pub style wood tap handle in many colors or go with a crome handle if you like the metal look.

There are also many novelty tap handles available. There are football, baseball, and even guitar handles just to name a few.

The most common custom faucet tap handle is one with your favorite beer logo on it. All most all draft beers have a tap handle availble you just need to look.

My personal favortite faucet tap handles are the chalk board tap handles. They have a large chalk board square to write your beer on. These look pretty cool and don't need changed out, just write the new beer on it

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