CO2 Regulator Guide

The CO2 regulator is a very important part of the kegerator system.  It connects directly to the CO2 tank and is used to set a pressure that maintains the proper carbonation level in the beer keg and provides enough pressure to dispense the beer through the system.

A double gage regulator has one gage to show the amount of gas remaining in the tank and one for setting the dispensing pressure.  

Most breweries recommend setting the dispensing pressure between 12-14 psi but check with the brewery or place that you buy your keg for the best setting.

This is not a place to go cheap but you don't need to break the bank either.  There are several good quality regulators to choose from and I'll help you through it.

CO2 RegulatorDouble Gage CO2 Regulator

There are several choices and options when it comes to regulators but it's pretty easy to determine what you need.  I'll help you through the process.

Not sure which CO2 Regulator to buy?

 Let's make this easy.

What really matters is to get a regulator set up that works best for your system weather you are building a kegerator or just replacing a regulator.  There are a few simple questions to answer and then you can pick the regulator below that meets your needs. 

Do you have a 1 or 2 keg kegerator?

Does a standard regulator that mounts directly to your tank work or do you need wall mount regulator?

Keep reading below and I'll help you to pick the right CO2 Regulator....

Double Gage Primary Regulator - 1 Keg

Do you have a one keg kegerator? Well then this is the one for you.

For a single keg system, all you need a Double Gage Primary Regulator.  

The Micromatic single keg regulator is a good quality regulator at good price. Click here to check price and you can buy direct from Micromatic.

Double Gage Primary Regulator - 2 Keg

If you have a 2 keg system, a Double Gage Primary Regulator with a 2 keg Y connection is the most economical setup.  

The same Micromatic regulator above is fitted with a Y connection to connect 2 kegs.  

This is a great way to hook up 2 kegs at a good price. Click here to check out the 2 keg CO2 regulator.

Dual Primary Gage Regulator

Why a Dual Gage Primary?

If you have a 2 keg system and want to set a different dispensing pressure for each keg, then you'll want this upgrade.  

This is not usually a necessity but more of an upgrade. It will cost more but you get two different precise pressures.  The Dual CO2 Primary Gage Regulator can be found here.

Wall Mount Regulator

There is one last option to consider.

You can buy wall mount CO2 Regulator that has brackets to mount the regulator and a high pressure hose to connect to the CO2 tank.

This will let you hard mount your regulator to the kegerator and connect the tank in a remote location.  You can buy either a standard 1 keg wall mount regulator or 2 keg wall mount regulator.

Too much to think about? You can't go wrong...

The main thing to remember is that all of these regulators will work. It really comes down to your budget and how many kegs you want on tap.

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