Kegerator Faucet Wrench

You can install and remove your kegerator faucet without a faucet wrench but why?

These specialty wrenches are cheap and make the job so much easier.

I have seen people remove faucets with adjustable pliers only to scratch the chrome. Don't do this. Buy a wrench for your kegerator.

You won't just use the wrench to install the faucet one time. The faucet should be removed and cleaned each time the keg is changed, and believe me a faucet wrench invaluable.

There are a couple different styles to choose from. Some are just for the faucet but you can also get one with a hex wrench on the opposite end for tightening the keg coupler.

Faucet Wrench

The wrenches are pretty inexpensive so make sure you pick one up. I have a couple faucet wrenches.

I keep one with my beer line cleaning kit and one with my repair kit.

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