The Kegerator
Possibly The Best Invention Ever!

So, what the heck is a Kegerator?

It's basically a refrigerated keg beer dispenser...Sounds pretty good right?

They have been in bars and taverns for years but rarely used in a home except for the occasional old fridge crudely converted to hold a keg of beer.

Well, that has all changed and we can thank the Craft Beer Revolution!

Perfect size for 1/6 kegs!

The Craft Beer Revolution has created a market for draft beer at home.  Smaller sixth barrel (5.16 gallon) kegs have become the norm for these craft breweries and now Beer Geeks (I know, I am one) want their favorite local beer on tap at home.

So many kegs to choose from. So little time!

So, Should you Buy or Build a Kegerator?

Why Draft Beer at Home?

  1. Draft beer tastes better... Nothing beats a fresh draft beer.
  2. Saves You Money... Keg beer is cheaper than bottle beer.
  3. For The Homebrewer... Kegging sure beats bottling.
  4. Most Important... It's just plain cool.

These benefits were enough for me... Especially #4.

Buying is The Choice for Most

This will be your first choice to make but it shouldn't be too difficult.

For most, Buying is the best option.  There are many choices that fit everyone's price range.  Today there are so many options for home draft beer that it can get pretty me, I've been there.

Whether you're looking for a cheap draft beer option to get started, maybe one of the best reviewed draft beer systems or anywhere in between, you can find it on this site.

Chest Freezer KegeratorThis is my Chest Freezer build!

Build it and They Will Come

...Your friends that is.  They'll come for the fresh draft beer from your homemade system.

Building a system is not for everyone but if you like DIY or have a specific need, this might be for you.

I wanted to have 3 to 4 small kegs for my homebrew so I built can too.  It's not that hard to a buy full keg system kit or just buy all of the parts individually.  Put your creativity to work.

"Ah, good ol'  trustworthy beer.  My love for you will never die." ~ Homer Simpson

Let's Get Started

OK, get yourself a cold beer, it will have to be a can or bottle for now, sit down and let's get started.

I've tried to make it as easy as possible to navigate so I hope you enjoy the site and let me know if you have any questions.

It won't be long until you're pouring a beer from your very own kegerator at home.



CheersYes this is me...Enjoying my draft beer!

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