How It All Began

...But First a Little Introduction

Well let me first introduce myself... I am Aaron Martz.  A Mechanical Engineer by day but a Beer Geek by night.  

My love for craft beer all started shortly after college when I was making frequent trips out to the Seattle area for business back in the early 2000's.  I was trying all kinds of new beers at the local brew pubs and draft houses.  This was a far cry from the beer I was used to in Erie, PA.

At that time Pennsylvania wasn't a mecca for craft beer.  So I decided if I wanted to drink the new found "Nectar of the God's" I would have to brew it myself.

The Homebrewing Days

This set me off on my homebrewing beer experiment.  Part of this hobby includes cleaning and filling lots of bottles.  It didn't take me long to realize that bottling beer wasn't for me.

I wasn't brewing a lot of batches back then but when I did, I dreaded bottling day.  The only solution was to go to kegs but then I would need some way to dispense the beer.

This started my search and lead to my passion of kegerators!

My First Kegerator

At the time (2007) there wasn't much of a selection for home kegerators and what was available was a little out of my price range.

I decided to build one out of a chest freezer. I was able to fit three kegs of both homebrew and local beer.  It worked out great with two on tap at all times

You'll find from this website that the times have changed and there are so many now for buying home draft beer systems.

This is my first kegerator!

Technically my first Kegerator was in college.  My roomates and I lucked on to an old fridge (very old) that was converted with a beer faucet through the front door.  I wish I had some pictures of that old beauty!

Where I Am Today

My homebrewing days are over (at least for now) but my love of Craft Beer is still going strong.  After moving several times, my wife and I have settled into the Pittsburgh, PA area where brew pubs are popping up everywhere.

The local beer industry is strong and local keg beer is easy to find.  I'm still pouring my hoppy IPA's and enjoying life.

My New Passion...Kegerators and Websites

I learned a lot building my kegerator and wanted to pay it forward.  What better way than  

I earn a few dollars to pay for the website and keep my beer fund in tact but most of all I just enjoy sharing my knowledge.



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