Cheap Kegerator Options

Kegerators can be quite expensive but don't worry. There are several cheap kegerator options for those on a budget.

Let's go ahead see what's available.

Build a Kegerator

cheap kegerator

If you really want a cheap keg system, than consider a keg refrigerator. This is the cheapest way to get 1/2-barrel keg system at home.

This isn't for everyone but if your funds are limited, it's a good option. This will take a few tools and a little time but if you watch what you're spending, this can be done for under $350.

If you need some help with this option, click here to go to my Keg Refrigerator build page.

Buy A Kegerator

If you're not much of a DIYer, than this is probably the option for you.

I did some research to find a kegerator under $500 but still had good reviews.

The EdgeStar KC2000 looks to be a good cheap option. You should be able to purchase this online and have it delivered for a total price under $500.

It comes with all the components required to dispense beer including a CO2 tank. Some extras include casters, drip tray, and chrome railing.

Mini Kegerator

One last cheap option is a mini 5 liter keg dispenser.

No, this isn't a 1/2-barrel keg system but it is cheap.

Your beer selection is limited but these systems are pretty convenient and relatively low cost.

For around $200 you can own a Krups C75 BeerTender. This is a countertop 5 liter keg system for dispensing Heineken. It will keep your beer cold and fresh for up to 30 days.

Well there they are. You have three cheap kegerator options to choose from. Hopefully one of these fits your needs and budget.

No more excuses being without draft beer at home!

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