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Which Brand Is Right For You?

So many Brands...Maybe too Many?

Well you can't have too many beer keg dispenser brands to choose from but it sure makes it more challenging to pick the right one. Be sure to look at all of the brands before making your choice.

Each brand offers something a little different. Look at price, build materials, options, quality and what they come with.

What is standard on one brand, may not be on other brands.  Don’t buy on price alone!

I found this Danby Kegerator at my local warehouse club store.

Know Your Brands

Home Use Beer Keg Dispensers

Home Kegerator Brands

Home kegerator brands are geared toward the budget minded beer lover but still offer some more impressive models. Each brand has several models that cover most needs from entry level to multiple faucets.

While most buyers will be very happy with any of the brands, take your time and see which one fits your needs best.

  • The most common brand is Edgestar. Edgestar offers a full line of kegerators and has one in everybody’s price range. This is a good brand to start with and then use to compare to others. Click here to see what Edgestar has to offer.
  • One more brand to look at is Nostalgia. This is not a high end brand but they offer an entry level model and a couple others that may fit you needs.
  • A newer brand on the market is Versonel. They only have a few models but get some good reviews.

Haier and Sanyo used to be players in the beer dispenser market but are not currently available.

A home beer keg dispenser may be perfect for most but not for all. If you have the cash and want the best… hold out for a commercial grade beer dispenser.

Commercial Kegerators Brands

There are also several brands when it comes to commercial grade keg dispensers. Most commercial brands are made of better materials and commercial grade components.

  • You can also check Micromatics Pro-Line kegerators. They offer commercial grade beer dispensing for a little less impact on your wallet.

Mini Kegerator Brands

Last but not least is the Mini Kegerator. There are not many brand options on these but you do have a few to choose from.

  • The leading brand is probably Krups. They offer a couple different mini keg dispensers to choose from. 
  • You can also look at Koolatron and Vinotemp for a couple more options.

Like I said that's a lot of brands to choose from.  Take you time and look at them all to find the one beer keg dispenser that fits your needs and budget.

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