How To Build A Kegerator

Are you ready to learn how to build a kegerator? It's easier than you might think.

First you need to decide if you will be building your kegerator from a refrigerator or a chest freezer. Both will work well but there are differences. 

Keg Refrigerator

Using a refrigerator definitely has some advantages...It's quick, easy and best of all its cheap. You should be able to pick up a used refrigerator for under $100, add a conversion kit for $160 and a CO2 tank for $60.

How to build a kegerator fridge 1
How to build a kegerator fridge 2

So, for less than $320 you can build your own kegerator that will fit up to a 1/2-barrel keg and you can be serving draft beer in less than a day...Sounds pretty good to me.

If this sounds good to you too, click here to see my Keg Refrigerator build page.

Like I said, a refrigerator definetly has advantages but I chose to use a chest freezer for my kegerator build.

Chest Freezer Kegerator

Why did I use a chest freezer?

A chest freezer gives you full control of your build. First buy the size of freezer to fit the type and quantity of kegs that you want to dispense.

Multiple keg systems are easy to accomplish. Purchase the kegerator parts, build your custom collar to raise the freezer and provide faucet mounting. Then add a drip tray and your done...well it's not quite that easy but it's close.

How to build a kegerator freezer 1
How to build a kegerator freezer 2

This build will take a few extra tools, cost a little more money and take a little more time but the end product is well worth it.

If you need some help with how to build a kegerator from a chest freezer, click here to go to my Chest Freezer Kegerator page.

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