Which Beer Kegerator Is Right For You?

Undercounter Beer Kegerator

Before you rush out and buy a beer kegerator, it's important to know what's available.

Most full size home kegerators will range in price from $400 to $1000+ depending on the features.

In this price range, the quality is good for home use but they are not made for the abuse as seen in a bar.

You will only be able to fit at the max, one 1/2-barrel in these units but you can buy 2 and 3 faucet versions that will fit multiple 1/6 barrel or 5 gallon homebrew kegs.

If you need a heavy duty beer kegerator, look at a commercial version. You'll have to spend a good bit more but you won't be disappointed.

Typical prices start at $1,000 and can go up past $4,000 for a multiple keg model.

Home Beer Kegerators

Full Size Draft Beer Dispensers

Verify What's Included

  1. Does it come with a Beer Tap?
  2. How about a CO2 Regulater?
  3. Some even come with a CO2 Tank.

If it's not included, you will need to buy these separate.

Keep this in mind, when comparing price.

These kegerators are similar to dorm fridges in construction. The exteriors are typically black in color and for a little more money they come with a stainless steel door.

The inside is usually made from white plastic and many of the components will be made of plastic.

There are many types of full  size beer dispensers available. I've put together some of the top choices for home beer kergerators here. With models ranging from single faucet up to triple faucet.

If you are looking for a more permanent look check out my undercounter kegerators page.

And if you are a homebrewer like me, there are some specialty kegerators available for you too. I go into more detail on my Homebrew Kegerators page.

Mini Kegerators

One more option is a Mini Kegerator. These fit on your counter top and dispense 5 liter mini kegs, The prices vary but some can be purchased for under $200.

A good little option if you are limited in space or on a budget.  The downside is that there are only a few types of beer are available.

Why shell out the extra cash for a commercial unit? You won't be disappointed!

Commercial Kegerators

The main reason for the large price tag is that the overall construction is a lot more durable.

They typically include steel interiors compared to plastic used in a home unit. They also have a commercial grade compressor and evaporator that will maintain temperatures a lot closer and colder than a home unit.

You will also need to look at commercial units if you want to have multiple 1/2-barrel kegs on tap.

One more tip...Make sure you also purchase a beer line cleaning kit.

Your Beer Kegerator will need to be cleaned each time a keg is changed.

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