Mini Kegerator

A Mini Kegerator makes it possible for anyone to have draft beer at home. You no longer have to buy 8 or more gallons of beer at a time. Most people want draft beer at home but not that much.

With a mini keg you can have draft beer at home from a small and convenient kegerator that will fit on your kitchen counter. The kegs are 5 liters and will typically last around 30 days after they are tapped.

These are also very portable so you can take it with you to a party or just take outside while you sit on your deck. Now you can have draft beer almost anywhere.

Your beer selection will be limited primarily to Heineken but there are a few others starting to come out. Just make sure the kegerator is compatible with the beer that you want on draft.

There are several brands of mini kegerators currently on the market. Krups, EdgeStar, and Avanti are just a few to look at.

Krups - B100

This is one of the least expensive kegerators available but still does the job. It is designed to dispense Heineken and Newcastle Brown Ale mini kegs. It comes with an LCD display with digital temperature and volume indicator so you always know how much beer is left.

You get all of this for less than $100. This makes a great starter kegerator.

Edgestar - TBC50S

The EdgeStar mini keg dispensor is one of the most versatile available. It can be used at home like any other kegerator but it also has the ability to plug into 12 volt outlet which is great for tailgate parties.

It comes with everything you need to dispense Heinken 5 liter kegs. It has electronic temperature controls and even comes with a cleaning kit.

The EdgeStar costs a little more but it is still affordable at under $200. You can also upgrade by adding the EdgeStar TBC50-ACC dispensor tap conversion kit for less than $100 more. With this kit you can tap any type of a mini keg.

Avanti - CB350-IS

The Avanti kegerator is larger than most mini keg dispensors. It has room to store two mini kegs at one. You can also use the extra space to chill glasses.

This is a little pricey compared to most at around $300 but it is also one of the largest.

Yes mini kegerators are small and the keg selection is limited but draft beer at home for under $200 is a pretty good deal. I just hope you like Heineken...

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